What You Should Know About Motorcycling In North Carolina

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Motorcycling In North Carolina

What You Should Know About Motorcycling In North Carolina

Motorcycle accidents in North Carolina are comprehensively covered by the insurance coverage provided by the Motorcycle Vehicle Dealer’s Dues Ex Act. This article briefly covers the coverage of motorcycle accidents in North Carolina. By “vehicle” we mean a bike, motor cycle, moped, scooter, bicycle or any other vehicle commonly used on the state’s roads and highways. By “car” we mean a vehicle without a motor.

Motorcycling in North Carolina is a popular recreational activity. With more than two million bikers scattered throughout the state, there are a large number of opportunity for motorcycle accidents in north Carolina. Unfortunately, the numbers of motorcycle injuries and fatalities continue to rise. In order to minimize the risk of suffering from a motorcycle injury or fatality, every motorcyclist in north Carolina should carry the proper protective gear.

North Carolina has a Workers Compensation Act that provides legal protection for workers who are injured on the job. Under the Workers’ Compensation Act, all persons who are injured on the job are entitled to compensation. In North Carolina the term “workers compensation” means the insurance program set up by the state to compensate injured workers for lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and disability income. Workers’ compensation is a very important tool in protecting you and your family. If you have been injured on the job in North Carolina, it is imperative that you contact your employer and seek immediate advice and assistance.

When you are involved in a motorcycle accident in North Carolina you should contact the North Carolina Department of Labor and Commerce. They can help you determine if you are eligible for workers’ compensation. Your employer will typically have to file an application with the state in order to be granted workers’ compensation. It is important that you have your own doctor check yourself into the hospital if you sustain an injury. A motorcycle injury in North Carolina requires immediate medical attention.

You should not leave a motorcycle accident scene without the proper equipment to protect yourself. One important piece of safety equipment is a DOT approved motorcycle helmet. It is recommended that you buy a helmet that offers extra protection in the front and sides. The helmet should also have plenty of ventilation and be easily cleaned. If you have a helmet that offers good ventilation then you will be better protected in case of a collision.

Motorcycles are very convenient but can be a dangerous mode of transportation if you do not follow some basic safety rules when you are on the road. Motorcycle accidents can be devastating and sometimes fatal. If you or someone you love has been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in North Carolina don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer who specializes in motorcycle law. You may need to hire an attorney as soon as possible. With the help of an experienced attorney you can recover damages and get back on the road to enjoy life.


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