Motorcycling In North Carolina – What You Need To Know

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Motorcycling in North Carolina is definitely a popular sport that hundreds of individuals participate in every year. This beautiful, historic state boasts more than 400 miles of motorway trails for motorcycle riders to explore. There are however not many experiences as freeing or as exciting as riding on two wheels in the open spaces. North Carolina offers all that and much more, along with an amazing Motorcycle Museum to boot.

Motorcycling In North Carolina

Asheville, the capital of North Carolina, has long been considered the heart of the Southern United States. The University of North Carolina at Asheville draws thousands of students to its world-class curriculum and renowned programs each year. This city also boasts a world-class Motorcycle Museum that attracts thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts each year and who are looking for new areas to explore on two wheels. Asheville has grown into a bustling town, filled with events, festivals, and museums of all kinds, attracting thousands of visitors every single year.

The capital of North Carolina, Raleigh features several places for motorcycle riders to go out and enjoy the riding experience. The Capital Region of Raleigh is home to some of the most scenic roads in the country, with the addition of the Appalachian Trail each spring. Highway 15 lies between Raleigh and the AT. Highway 36, a.k.a. Boulevard, runs through the heart of downtown Raleigh, providing residents with an unparalleled opportunity to take in the famous images of the skyline from the water front.

Asheville, the mother of all cities in the state, has exploded onto the scene in the last two years. This historic city, tucked between the mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, is rapidly becoming a biking mecca. Bike paths have been established on city streets, and bicycle rentals are offered at many bike shops. Bikes can be rented on a daily or weekly basis, depending on the area covered.

coincides with the first month of the new century, will mark the first full month of availability of motorcycle riding in the state. Asheville and its surrounding areas will become a hot spot for motorcycle riders. Bikers from across the country will come to take in the beautiful scenery of this North Carolina mountain town. Motorcycling In North Carolina will certainly grow as the calendar rolls on, and organizers are looking forward to offering even more options to travelers. It’s predicted that the number of motorcycling trails in the state will increase by at least 50 percent by the end of next year. With this increase of trails comes better weather conditions, making riding more enjoyable.

One of the largest factors that contribute to the increase in motorcycle crashes is speeding. A study made by the NCSAA found that as many as 25 percent of fatal motorcycle crashes in the state were caused by speeding. Although some cities have made it illegal to operate a motorcycle while speeding, it is still an illegal activity to drive anywhere in the state of North Carolina if you don’t have valid insurance. Anyone who is caught speeding will immediately receive a citation from the Highway Patrol, which could result in serious consequences such as a suspended driver’s license, fines, and even jail time.


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