Motorcycle Clubs and Their Influence on the Motorcycling Community

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A motorcycle group is usually a group of people whose primary interest and common activities include motorcycles. Such a motorcycle group could range from a small group of bikers or clubbed by type of vehicle such as the Harley Owners Group or similar clubs. These groups enjoy shared interests, common purpose and common targets such as the achievement of certain goals. They also enjoy socializing together. A motorbike club has its own agenda; therefore, there are some common points that most motorcycle clubs share.

Motorcycle Groups

Most motorcycle clubs are oriented around one particular model of bike – or more than one. There are some clubs that are exclusive to certain models of bikes like the 250cc category for the sake of functionality, some prefer touring bikes and some prefer sports bikes. Bikers are usually categorized into two categories: regular bikers and racer riders. Regular bikers are those who participate in regular club meets, sometimes even on a regular basis, and include members who share the same interests with regular bikers. racer riders are those who participate in racing events and other risky activities and include members who share the same objectives with regular bikers.

The scope of activity of most motorcycle groups is international. They are usually formed around a common goal and purpose such as the preservation of the already formed clubs, or promoting a particular cause such as a specific type of motorbikes. Many club builders have their own websites, newsletters, and events. Some clubs have their own membership roster, including national and international biker organizations such as the Roadie Compassionate Motorcycle Club, the Banditos, and others.

There are also some clubs that have been founded as organizations with charitable activities and in aid of certain causes that they believe in. For instance, there are the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club, which have branches in several states of the United States, and in Europe. A few years ago, there were reports that the Hell’s Angels was somehow connected to the September 11th terrorist attacks in New York City.

Some of these motorcycle groups have been joined by prominent members of society, celebrities, and other notable personalities. These include former President Bill Clinton, actor Patrick Swayze, rock musicians Axl Rose and Tommy Lee, baseball legend Joe DiMaggio, talk show host Oprah Winfrey and Jay Leno, and other notable Americans. Some other motorcycle clubs have denied membership to some law-abiding citizens because of fears that these people might participate in criminal activities, or they might give help to criminals. In some cases, these clubs have had to close down due to threats received from law-abiding citizens.

There are many different types of motorcycle clubs for a variety of reasons. Some of them have long been involved in biker fights that turned violent, while others are formed for social, political, or other community causes. The most dangerous of all motorcycle clubs is the motorcycle gangs, or motorcycle clubs, because of the high-risk lifestyle that these groups promote, and the potential for injury to members, other riders, and the public. Many people are killed each year in car wrecks caused by other drivers, but there are far fewer reported deaths related to motorcycle crashes. All motor maids need to exercise common sense and take care when on a motorcycle.


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