Is There a Difference Between the Moped Club and the Motorcycle Club?

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Is There a Difference Between the Moped Club and the Motorcycle Club?

Motorcycle groups, sometimes called motorcycle clubs, groups dedicated to the love of motorcycles. A motorcycle club, like the Harley Owners Group, can range from a small group of regular bikers to huge groups of people whose main interest is in specific motorcycles such as the Harley Owners Group or the Roadie Riders Club. These clubs can be found online or through the grapevine at local bike meets or swap meets. Although most motorcycle clubs have similar ideals, there are some distinctive differences among them.

Social clubs are typically formed for a particular sport or cause. The reasons for forming a club vary widely from club to club. In some cases, social clubs are formed to support a specific cause. For example, the Triathlete International (Tribe) supports triathletes across the globe by allowing those who participate in marathons in their country the freedom to join and support the group in their time of need.

Motorcycle clubs can also be formed for other reasons such as political activism, sports related events or even to form a motorcycle related club for traveling across the north America. While political clubs are generally associated with one party in North America, independent or third party clubs are more commonly associated with different parties across the country or around the world. A common motorcycle group in the United States is the United States Motorcyclist Union (UMU). Other independent motorcycle groups include the California Off roaders Association (C.O.R.A.) and the South Carolina Off roaders Association (SCORA).

Most motorcycle clubs are affiliated with a national organization. Examples are the American Motorcyclist Association (AMAA) and the National Guild of Bikers (NGB). The AMAA is the most recognized motorcycle clubs with chapters throughout the United States and Canada. The NGB is the largest motorcycle riding organization in the United States with over 30 local chapters. Both the AMAA and NGB have national leadership and maintain regular meetings during the year in various locations including turkey hill country and Japan.

In order to be accepted into either the AMAA or the NGB, members must adhere to a number of strict rules. These rules are designed to keep the clubs separate from the stereotypical “bad-boy” biker culture and allow the motorcycle clubs to maintain their core purpose of being a legal riding community. Many people mistakenly think that the application requirements for either the AMAA or the NGB requires you to take a one-hour ride through a blindfolded town and jump onto a Harley and go for a ride, however this is not the case. There is a very strict set of criteria that motorcycle clubs use to accept new members.

In short, there is no difference between the Moped Club or the Motorcycle Club when it comes to being a legal organization. Neither is there any difference between the Moped Club or the Motorcycle Group when it comes to being recognized as a nationally recognized riding club. The only difference that does exist is that the Moped Clubs is much more widely accepted by the general public and the Moped riding clubs have a strong foundation in their areas of origin, which has helped them to become recognized as legitimate motorcycle groups. Both the Moped Club and the Motorcycle Club have proven that they are worthy of being considered as viable riding organizations.


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