Do Motorcycle Associations Cause More Damage Than Injury?

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Motorcycle groups are similar to any other club or organization. They have common membership criteria and meetings and activity. The main activities include meetings, volunteering, raising money or doing fundraisers. There are many reasons that these groups are formed, but the most popular reason seems to be to belong. There are also other reasons like racing for the sake of racing or for the sake of competition or just for the love of riding.

Motorcycle Groups

A typical motorcycle group consists of people whose main interest and activities include motorcycles. Some examples of these types of groups are the Harley Owners Group, the Islander Motorcycle Club and the United States Touring Motorcycle Club. There can be bike clubs for all different kinds of models of motorcycles or just for certain brands. A motorcycle club would include bikers or riders of any type of bike. A typical biker’s club may have dirt bike riders, sport bike riders or even those who just enjoy motocross or racing the bike. A motorcycle group will also include riders of scooters as well.

Many motorcycle clubs have raised money or other important causes such as medical bills for injured bikers or even for cancer research. Many times a club will hold events that benefit the community as a whole. These events are usually charity fundraisers with donated proceeds going to a charity of the member’s choice. Some of the more famous clubs or organizations that have used this method include the Harley Davidson Foundation and the Insurance Institute of America.

Some states have created their own motorcycle clubs or motorcyclist’s clubs so that they can be informed of safety precautions when out on the road. For example, there are some states that don’t allow motorcycle riders with expired insurance to ride their bikes. When members of motorcycle groups travel to these states they often carry medical kits with them. These kits include everything from aspirin to Tylenol pain relievers and blankets. In an accident these kits can contain the medicine for both the biker and the person in front of them.

When police officials say that motorbikes are most likely the cause of a fatal accident, it has often been motorbike riders who have been at fault rather than the car drivers. Motorcycle riders do not file tickets with the state authorities, so their driving infractions stay on their driving records. The statistics show that when motorcycle riders are involved in an accident, they are usually not the ones who are at fault but are instead the ones injured.

Motorcycle riders should always ride defensively and ride in groups. Motorcycle clubs have been formed for just this purpose – for both safety and recreation. Motorcycle groups like ride meets, club rides, road rallies and even roadblock rides to raise money for charity.


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