Safe Practices While Motorcycling In North Carolina

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Motorcycling in North Carolina is one of the fastest growing transportation options for cyclists and has become a way to escape the heat of a summer day. However, along with all the fun rides across the landscape of North Carolina, there are some dangerous situations that motorcycle riders can fall into on the state’s many scenic mountain trails and off road trails. Many times these fatal accidents take place when motorcyclists are not paying attention to the road and are concentrating on the enjoyment of the trails rather than avoiding danger.

One of the top areas for motorcycle accidents that take place in North Carolina is in the Appalachian Mountains. The mountains and their trails offer a wide variety of challenging obstacles including tree-studded slopes, deep ravines, jumps, and even rock gardens. If you decide to vacation in North Carolina, it is important that you are aware of the danger that can be present in this scenic area. Here are some tips on how to travel safely in the mountains and avoid any motorcycle accidents that you may have to deal with.

Motorcycle riding in North Carolina requires you to follow all of the laws and guidelines set forth by the state. You should also remember that you are only allowed to drive your motorcycle two hours after having consumed alcohol. This measure was put in place in an effort to protect motorcycle riders from consuming too much alcohol at dinner and while driving home following a party. While being pulled over by a North Carolina Motorcycle officer you should ensure that you are buckling up in order to avoid your motorcycle crashing.

You should also realize that motorcycle riding is considered a privilege, not a right. If you are ever stopped by a North Carolina Motorcycle officer you should remain calm and polite and refuse to sign any ticket you are given. This will aid in the officer letting you go without any further citations or charges.

One of the best tips to keep safe while riding a motorcycle in North Carolina is to take along with you on your cell phone. It is very common for people to forget this piece of information when they are pulled over. Even though you were pulled over for a motorcycle accident, it does not mean that you should admit to drinking or doing drugs at this point. Instead, call a family friend or someone that you trust and ask them to hold your phone to you while you drive. It is important to be honest about what happened in order to clear your name and get off of the bike sooner than later.

The most important thing you can do to make sure that you are not charged with a DUI or other charges is to ride safely. If you follow the road rules and safety suggestions that are handed out by the North Carolina Motorcycle Safety School, you should be safe and wind up having a great time in the process. Remember that everyone has the right to ride on the road and enjoy himself or herself as much as possible. By keeping yourself safe and following all of the guidelines given to you by the school you should have an enjoyable time riding around in North Carolina. Make sure that you keep your license in a safe place and bring along the phone so you can call the office if anything should happen to you.


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