Motorcycle Rides in the Great Smoky Mountains

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There are many reasons to enjoy motorcycle rides, especially ones that take you through some of the best twisties, ever! They can provide a great way to spend some quality leisure time. Motorcycle riding enthusiasts will often travel the country driving through scenic byways, rolling over bumps in the road, and enjoying the scenery along the way. Some of these riders prefer to ride on dirt roads in the mountains. Others prefer the smoother surfaces of the highways.

motorcycle rides

No matter what route you choose to take when traveling across country on your motorcycle, there is a scenic route out there that would be appealing to you.

Many motorcycle rides in the United States begin or end in large cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston. Riding through these major towns and cities gives the rider the chance to see the major towns, touristy areas, etc.

Many motorcycle rides include a trip across the Piedmont Region of the South. This area consists of three counties: Putnam, Greene, and Rockford. If you prefer to ride on the Piedmont, you might want to look into the Appalachian Trail. This scenic route follows the Appalachian Mountains’ ridges and streams. It is about two and one-half hours long depending on where you start and finish.

Other popular motorcycle rides in the Piedmont include trips through small towns that dot the ridgeline. Small towns offer spectacular views of the mountains and offer a laid back atmosphere for riders. Many of these small towns have historic buildings and places to visit.

If you prefer to ride on the famous Black Highway, then an out-of-town motorcycle ride may not be for you. However, if you prefer a more off-road ride, then consider taking a ride through scenic roads that you wouldn’t normally find on a road trip through the South.

One such scenic roads is the Transylvania County road trip. This ride takes riders through beautiful small towns along the Smoky Mountain National Park’s Great Smoky Mountains.

Smoky Mountains

A Smoky Mountain bike ride takes riders along the most beautiful, winding and scenic trails on the Eastern seaboard. The Smoky Mountain road trip offers some of the best views in the Eastern United States.

The ride takes riders through historic Gatlinburg, Tennessee, a town that served as the birthplace of the American Civil War. Other stops along the Smoky Mountain Road route include Pigeon Forge, a favorite destination for musical events and attractions.

Pigeon Forge also serves as the filming site for the movie “North Carolina Kidnapped” starring Nicholas Cage.

Gatlinburg’s Historic Byway, a wooded route around the Southern slope of Pigeon Forge, provides another scenic byway to explore. The scenic byway follows the border of Blairsville and Wise County.

The Smoky Mountain National Park is a three-day tour of the park’s forty-two acres of beautiful scenery, magnificent mountain peaks, deep gorges and beautiful wildflowers. The park has a visitor’s center with maps and brochures.

Other attractions on the Smoky Mountain Road route include the Great Smoky Mountain National Park Visitor’s Center, historic Gatlinburg and the Mountain River Trail. The nearby Roanoke Mountains provides an impressive backdrop for the historic Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg area.

Pigeon Forge

The Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg route is another twisty route ideal for motorcycles. It takes riders through beautiful Smoky Mountain National Park. Along the way, they will pass through Chimney Rock, a distinctive volcanic outcrop.

After about two hours, the riders can head back to Gatlinburg, the main city, and enjoy the famous Biltmore Estate, a historic home built by the famed real estate developer Robert B. Wilson more than a century ago. The Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg route, which includes a spectacular drive around the Blue Ridge Mountains, can be reached by a twenty-minute ride on a Gatlinburg luxury vehicle or a forty-five minute ride on a rented motorcycle.

This scenic byway makes an ideal backdrop for a family road trip, a romantic getaway for two, or a great way to enjoy the beautiful Smoky Mountains.


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