Motorcycling In North Carolina – A Guide To Riding In The Great Outdoors

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Motorcycling in North Carolina is a popular sport that thousands of people take part in each year. This beautiful state boasts over 400 miles of beautiful mountain trails that take cyclists through forests and deep into the heart of the mountains. The unique landscape of north Carolina makes it a perfect place for motorcycle riders to explore, ride and relax. Here are some of the most popular roads where motorcyclists can practice their riding skills and spend time on the open road in the state of North Carolina.

Motorcycling In North Carolina

The western part of the state has many long and winding country roads that climb the steep slopes of the Great Smoky Mountains. Bikers can enjoy the beautiful Smoky Mountain National Park or spend time exploring the nearby Biltmore Estate. The Great Smoky Mountain National Park was one of the first places bikers in the US saw wild wildlife. Bikers can hike along the numerous sections of the Trans Canada Trail or ride along the Appalachian Trail. Hikers can also enjoy the public access section of the park that allows you to follow the path of a mountain runner and to get close to wildflowers and other plants that are native to the area.

The eastern part of the state has several popular spots for biking. Highway 16 begins in Raleigh and heads southward towards Wilmington. The Topsail Island Beaches State Park offers several miles of great off road bike tracks as well as walking and biking trails. The Lake Sinclair State Park is a popular destination for cyclists.

Fisherman’s Lake State Park is a beautiful park in southwest North Carolina. It offers an eight miles of hiking and biking trails that wind around the lake and mountains. Huntersville is another small but beautiful park with a variety of activities for motorists, cyclists and walkers alike. The park has a nature center with displays and information about the animals and nature in the area as well as picnic areas and restrooms.

Guilford county also has several popular places for off road motorcyclists in its two parks, Gun Barrel City and Big Happy Valley. At Gun Barrel City, riders can take their bikes out onto the beaches that are near the campgrounds. Guilford county park offers miles of beautiful wooded trails that feature streams, lakes, and river views. The park also has a nature center with a large portion of the park dedicated to wildlife life. Trail rides and nature walks are available for cyclists of all skill levels.

There are also several small, off road, motocross tracks available for bikers in the mountains of northwestern North Carolina. At the Mountain River Mountain Cycling Park, bikers can go on an extended downhill trail or try their hand at a dirt jump. The park also offers mountain bike riding during the summer months, which is popular with riders of all skill levels.


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